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2024 College Ranking

Best Colleges

Discover the 2024 Best Colleges in America to find your best college matches.

Best Colleges by State

Explore the 2024 top-ranked colleges in each state across the U.S. to find a good one near you.

Best Colleges by Major

Explore the 2024 College Rankings by Major to see which college is a good academic fit for you.

Best Accounting Technician and Bookkeeping CollegesBest Acting CollegesBest Actuarial Science CollegesBest Adult Development, Gerontology, and Aging CollegesBest Adult and Continuing Education CollegesBest Advertising CollegesBest Aeronautics and Aviation Technology CollegesBest Aerospace Engineering CollegesBest Aerospace Engineering Technician CollegesBest African American Studies CollegesBest African Studies CollegesBest Agricultural Business CollegesBest Agricultural Engineering CollegesBest Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery CollegesBest Agricultural Production Operations CollegesBest Agricultural Sciences CollegesBest Agricultural Teacher Education CollegesBest Agricultural and Food Products Processing CollegesBest Air Transportation CollegesBest Aircraft Maintenance CollegesBest Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health CollegesBest Animal Sciences and Husbandry CollegesBest Animation, Video Graphics and Special Effects CollegesBest Anthropology and Sociology CollegesBest Apparel and Textile Science CollegesBest Aquaculture CollegesBest Arabic Language and Literature CollegesBest Archaeology CollegesBest Architectural Engineering CollegesBest Architectural Engineering Technician CollegesBest Architecture CollegesBest Art CollegesBest Art History CollegesBest Art Teacher Education CollegesBest Arts Management CollegesBest Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management CollegesBest Asian Studies CollegesBest Astronomy and Astrophysics CollegesBest Athletic Training CollegesBest Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology CollegesBest Automotive Engineering Technician CollegesBest Automotive Mechanics CollegesBest Aviation Management and Operations CollegesBest Baking and Pastry Arts CollegesBest Banking and Finance CollegesBest Barbering CollegesBest Behavioral Sciences CollegesBest Biblical Studies CollegesBest Bilingual and Multicultural Education CollegesBest Biochemistry and Molecular Biology CollegesBest Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering CollegesBest Bioinformatics CollegesBest Biology CollegesBest Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Medicine CollegesBest Biomedical Technician CollegesBest Biotechnology CollegesBest Botany and Plant Physiology CollegesBest Broadcast Journalism CollegesBest Building and Construction CollegesBest Business Support Services CollegesBest Business Teacher Education CollegesBest Business and Management CollegesBest Cardiovascular Technician CollegesBest Carpentry CollegesBest Cellular Biology CollegesBest Ceramics CollegesBest Chemical Engineering CollegesBest Chemistry CollegesBest Child Care Provider CollegesBest Child Development CollegesBest Chinese Language and Literature CollegesBest Cinematography and Video Production CollegesBest Civil Engineering CollegesBest Civil Engineering Technician CollegesBest Clinical Psychology CollegesBest Cognitive Science CollegesBest Commercial Photography CollegesBest Commercial and Advertising Art CollegesBest Communication Disorders CollegesBest Communications CollegesBest Communications Technicians CollegesBest Community Health Services and Counseling CollegesBest Community Organization and Advocacy CollegesBest Computational and Applied Mathematics CollegesBest Computer Engineering Technician CollegesBest Computer Graphics CollegesBest Computer Hardware Engineering CollegesBest Computer Installation and Repair CollegesBest Computer Science CollegesBest Computer Software Engineering CollegesBest Computer Systems Analysis CollegesBest Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications CollegesBest Computer Systems Technician CollegesBest Computer and Information Systems Security CollegesBest Construction Engineering CollegesBest Construction Engineering Technician CollegesBest Construction Management CollegesBest Construction and Heavy Equipment Operation CollegesBest Corporate Communications CollegesBest Cosmetology CollegesBest Cosmetology Instruction and Salon Management CollegesBest Counseling Psychology CollegesBest Creative Writing CollegesBest Criminal Justice CollegesBest Criminology CollegesBest Crop and Soil Sciences CollegesBest Culinary Arts CollegesBest Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism CollegesBest Dance CollegesBest Data Processing CollegesBest Dental Assisting CollegesBest Dental Hygiene CollegesBest Dental Studies CollegesBest Design CollegesBest Design and Visual Communications CollegesBest Developmental and Child Psychology CollegesBest Diesel Mechanics CollegesBest Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition CollegesBest Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia CollegesBest Divinity, Ministry, and Pre-Theology CollegesBest Drafting and Design (CAD/CADD) CollegesBest Drama and Theatre Production CollegesBest Drawing CollegesBest E-Commerce CollegesBest Early Childhood Education CollegesBest East Asian Languages and Literatures CollegesBest Ecology and Evolutionary Biology CollegesBest Economics CollegesBest Education CollegesBest Education Research and Evaluation CollegesBest Educational Administration CollegesBest Electrical Engineering CollegesBest Electrical Engineering Technician CollegesBest Electrician CollegesBest Electronics Equipment Installation and Repair CollegesBest Elementary Education CollegesBest Emergency Care Attendant (EMT) CollegesBest Emergency Medical Technician (EMT Paramedic) CollegesBest Engineering CollegesBest Engineering Physics CollegesBest Engineering Science CollegesBest Engineering Technicians CollegesBest English CollegesBest English and Speech Teacher Education CollegesBest Entrepreneurship CollegesBest Environmental Architecture and Design CollegesBest Environmental Engineering CollegesBest Environmental Engineering Technician CollegesBest Environmental Health CollegesBest Environmental Science CollegesBest Equine Studies CollegesBest Esthetician and Skin Care CollegesBest European and Russian Studies CollegesBest Exercise Physiology CollegesBest Family Studies and Consumer Sciences CollegesBest Family and Community Services CollegesBest Fashion and Apparel Design CollegesBest Fashion and Apparel Merchandising CollegesBest Film and Photography CollegesBest Film and Video Studies CollegesBest Finance and Accounting CollegesBest Financial Planning CollegesBest Fine Arts CollegesBest Fine and Studio Arts Management CollegesBest Fire Protection and Prevention CollegesBest Fire Science and Fire Fighting CollegesBest Food Science CollegesBest Food and Nutrition CollegesBest Foreign Language Teacher Education CollegesBest Foreign Languages CollegesBest Forensic Science and Technology CollegesBest Forestry CollegesBest French Language and Literature CollegesBest Funeral Service and Mortuary Science CollegesBest Game Design and Interactive Media CollegesBest General Construction Trades CollegesBest Genetics CollegesBest Geography CollegesBest Geology and Earth Science CollegesBest German Language and Literature CollegesBest Global Studies CollegesBest Graphic Communications CollegesBest Graphic Design CollegesBest Ground Transportation CollegesBest HVAC and Refrigeration Engineering Technician CollegesBest Health Aides and Attendants CollegesBest Health Care Management CollegesBest Health Professions CollegesBest Health Service Preparatory Studies CollegesBest Health Teacher Education CollegesBest Health Unit Coordinator and Manager CollegesBest Heavy Equipment Maintenance Technician CollegesBest High School Education CollegesBest Hispanic American Studies CollegesBest Historic Preservation and Conservation CollegesBest History CollegesBest History Teacher Education CollegesBest Homeland Security and Disaster Management CollegesBest Horticulture CollegesBest Hospital Management CollegesBest Hospitality and Tourism Management CollegesBest Human Development CollegesBest Human Resources CollegesBest Human Services CollegesBest Illustration CollegesBest Industrial Electronics Technician CollegesBest Industrial Engineering CollegesBest Industrial and Organizational Psychology CollegesBest Industrial and Product Design CollegesBest Information Science CollegesBest Information Technology CollegesBest Instrumentation Technician CollegesBest Insurance CollegesBest Intelligence CollegesBest Interdisciplinary Studies CollegesBest Interior Architecture CollegesBest Interior Design CollegesBest International Business CollegesBest International Relations CollegesBest International Studies CollegesBest Italian Language and Literature CollegesBest Japanese Language and Literature CollegesBest Journalism CollegesBest Kindergarten and Preschool Education CollegesBest Kinesiology and Physical Therapy CollegesBest Lab Technician CollegesBest Landscape Architecture CollegesBest Landscaping and Groundskeeping CollegesBest Latin American Studies CollegesBest Latin and Ancient Greek Studies CollegesBest Legal Administrative Assistant CollegesBest Legal Studies CollegesBest Library Science CollegesBest Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN) CollegesBest Linguistics, Interpretation, and Translation CollegesBest Literature CollegesBest Logistics and Supply Chain Management CollegesBest Machine and Metal Working CollegesBest Make-Up Artist and Tattooing CollegesBest Management Sciences and Information Systems CollegesBest Managerial Economics CollegesBest Manufacturing Engineering CollegesBest Manufacturing Engineering Technician CollegesBest Marine Biology and Oceanography CollegesBest Marine Science CollegesBest Marketing CollegesBest Massage Therapy and Bodywork CollegesBest Materials Engineering CollegesBest Materials Science CollegesBest Math CollegesBest Mathematics Teacher Education CollegesBest Mechanical Engineering CollegesBest Mechanical Engineering Technician CollegesBest Mechanics CollegesBest Medical Assistant CollegesBest Medical Assistants and Technicians CollegesBest Medical Insurance Billing and Claims CollegesBest Medical Insurance Coding CollegesBest Medical Laboratory Technician CollegesBest Medical Office Assistant CollegesBest Medical Office Management CollegesBest Medical Records Administration CollegesBest Medical Records Technician CollegesBest Medical Secretary CollegesBest Medical Social Work CollegesBest Mental Health Counseling CollegesBest Mental and Social Health Services CollegesBest Merchandising and Buying Operations CollegesBest Metal and Jewelry Arts CollegesBest Microbiology CollegesBest Middle School Education CollegesBest Mining and Petroleum Engineering CollegesBest Minority and Ethnic Studies CollegesBest Missionary Studies CollegesBest Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair CollegesBest Multimedia CollegesBest Music CollegesBest Music History and Literature CollegesBest Music Management CollegesBest Music Performance CollegesBest Music Teacher Education CollegesBest Music Technology CollegesBest Music Theory and Composition CollegesBest Musical Instruments CollegesBest Nail Technician CollegesBest Natural Resources Conservation and Management CollegesBest Natural Sciences CollegesBest Network, Database, and System Administration CollegesBest Neuroscience and Neurobiology CollegesBest Non-Profit and Public Management CollegesBest North American Studies CollegesBest Nuclear Engineering CollegesBest Nuclear Medical Technician CollegesBest Nursing CollegesBest Nursing Administration CollegesBest Nursing Assistant CollegesBest Nursing Science, Education, and Practice CollegesBest Occupational Safety and Health Technician CollegesBest Occupational Therapist Assistant CollegesBest Occupational Therapy CollegesBest Office Management CollegesBest Operations Management CollegesBest Organizational Behavior Studies CollegesBest Painting CollegesBest Paralegal CollegesBest Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries CollegesBest Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution CollegesBest Performing Arts CollegesBest Pharmacology and Toxicology CollegesBest Pharmacy CollegesBest Pharmacy Technician CollegesBest Philosophy CollegesBest Phlebotomy Technician CollegesBest Photography CollegesBest Photojournalism CollegesBest Physical Education Teaching and Coaching CollegesBest Physical Sciences CollegesBest Physical Therapy CollegesBest Physical Therapy Technician CollegesBest Physician Assistant CollegesBest Physics CollegesBest Physiological Psychology CollegesBest Physiology and Pathology CollegesBest Plant Science CollegesBest Playwriting and Screenwriting CollegesBest Plumbing CollegesBest Political Science CollegesBest Pre-Law Studies CollegesBest Pre-Medicine Studies CollegesBest Precision Production CollegesBest Printmaking CollegesBest Professional Pilot CollegesBest Professional and Technical Writing CollegesBest Property Management CollegesBest Protective Services CollegesBest Psychiatric and Mental Health Services CollegesBest Psychology CollegesBest Public Administration CollegesBest Public Health CollegesBest Public Health Education CollegesBest Public Policy and Social Services CollegesBest Public Relations CollegesBest Quality Control Technician CollegesBest Radiation Therapy CollegesBest Radio and Television CollegesBest Radio and Television Broadcasting Technician CollegesBest Radiologic Technician CollegesBest Real Estate CollegesBest Recording Arts Technician CollegesBest Rehabilitation and Therapy CollegesBest Religious Education CollegesBest Religious Studies CollegesBest Research and Experimental Psychology CollegesBest Respiratory Care Therapy CollegesBest Restaurant and Food Services Management CollegesBest Retail Management CollegesBest Rhetoric and Composition CollegesBest Robotics and Automation Engineering CollegesBest Robotics and Automation Engineering Technician CollegesBest Russian and Eastern European Languages and Literature CollegesBest Sales CollegesBest Science Teacher Education CollegesBest Sculpture CollegesBest Security Services CollegesBest Sign Language CollegesBest Small Business Management CollegesBest Social Psychology CollegesBest Social Science Research Methods CollegesBest Social Sciences CollegesBest Social Studies Teacher Education CollegesBest Social Work and Youth Services CollegesBest Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician CollegesBest Spanish Language and Literature CollegesBest Special Education and Teaching CollegesBest Speech Language Pathology CollegesBest Sports Communication CollegesBest Sports Management and Leisure Studies CollegesBest Statistics CollegesBest Studio Arts CollegesBest Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling CollegesBest Surgical Technologist CollegesBest Surveying Technician CollegesBest Systems Engineering CollegesBest Systems Science and Theory CollegesBest Talmudic and Rabbinical Studies CollegesBest Taxation CollegesBest Teaching Assistant CollegesBest Teaching English as a Second Language CollegesBest Theatre Design CollegesBest Theological and Ministerial Studies CollegesBest Trades and Personal Services CollegesBest Truck, Bus, and Commercial Vehicle Operation CollegesBest Urban Studies and Affairs CollegesBest Urban, Community and Regional Planning CollegesBest Veterinary Studies CollegesBest Veterinary Technician and Assistant CollegesBest Visual and Performing Arts CollegesBest Voice and Opera CollegesBest Web Page and Digital Design CollegesBest Welding CollegesBest Welding Engineering Technician CollegesBest Wildlife and Fisheries Management CollegesBest Women's Studies CollegesBest Woodworking CollegesBest Yoga and Movement Therapy CollegesBest Zoology and Entomology Colleges