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Effective tools for college degree planning, course completion and on-time graduation

Degree Plans

Personalized Study Plans That Help Graduate On-Time

Not understanding your degree requirements and course sequencing, taking unnecessary courses, unawareness of alternatives (easier courses) that satisfy the same requirement, lack of advising. All add time and expenses to student completion.

Imagine knowing the steps you should take in advance - before registration, or even before applying to college, before you start veering off track, thereby wasting irreplaceable time and accumulating spiraling student debt.

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Graduation Curve

Academic Counseling Powered by AI

Per National Center for Education Statistics: the college graduation rate in the US is below 60%. Most students, who begin a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year granting institution, actually receive it in 6 years or even more.

If you’re already in college and feel like it’s taking too long to graduate or if you would like to verify your existing study plan - use Prepler AI to automatically calculate the shortest path to your degree. See if you can improve on or even beat the odds of graduating on-time.

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Match With the Right College, According to Your Career Goals

Prepler’s search engine helps you navigate to your most suitable college match based on unbiased data.

You will find all the colleges according to your selected criteria such as: desired major/degree, odds of admission, tuition/overall price you will pay, preferred geographical location, employment rate and salary earned post graduation, and many more.

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Top 12 universities in Texas

#158 Best Colleges in America

The University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, TX
Sticker Price: $23,285/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $1,350/yr
#176 Best Colleges in America

The University of Texas at Dallas

Richardson, TX
Sticker Price: $27,360/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $0/yr
#4327 Best Colleges in America

Houston Community College

Houston, TX
2-4 Year
Price: $5,610/yr
#4374 Best Colleges in America

Tarrant County College District

Fort Worth, TX
Sticker Price: $4,439/yr
2-4 Year
Your Price: $3,727/yr
#123 Best Colleges in America

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX
Sticker Price: $23,633/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $7,290/yr
#139 Best Colleges in America

Texas State University

San Marcos, TX
Sticker Price: $22,625/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $3,732/yr
#4350 Best Colleges in America

Lone Star College System

The Woodlands, TX
2-4 Year
Price: $5,403/yr
#241 Best Colleges in America

University of North Texas

Denton, TX
Sticker Price: $23,948/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $4,824/yr
#115 Best Colleges in America

University of Houston

Houston, TX
Sticker Price: $24,946/yr
4 Year
Your Price: $3,677/yr

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