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The college course planner
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Our free online guidance platform provides college students like you with step-by-step recommendations and automated tools to help you graduate college quickly.

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Graduation Curve

Get in the Fast Lane to Graduation by Understanding Degree Requirements

Not understanding your degree requirements and course sequencing, taking unnecessary courses, unawareness of alternatives (often easier courses) that satisfy the same requirement, lack of advising. All add time and expenses to your degree completion.

Imagine knowing the steps you should take in advance - before registration, or even before applying to college, before you start veering off track, wasting irreplaceable time and accumulating more student debt.


Complete Major Requirements Course Sequencing Prerequisites Check

Degree Plans

Benefit from Calculating the Shortest Pathway to Your Degree

Prepler helps you visualize and experiment with various degree options. We enable students to make informed choices that help them create the shortest pathway towards graduation. Our product works for all students and can equally benefit: college applicants, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

By creating an intentional degree plan with us you will stay on course, graduate faster and avoid increasing your student debt.


Automated Degree Planner AI Course Mapping Customizable Dashboard


Manage Your College Journey with Meaningful Analytics and AI

Harness the power of degree progression and campus course data. Increase your outcomes through making the right choices that often are time sensitive and can be very costly to you.

Our Degree Planner gives you advice you’re looking for, in real-time. By keeping you informed of missteps and smart steps – before you start veering off track or before you face adding an avoidable semester.


Real-time Advising Progress Tracking At-Risk Class Alerts

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