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Challenges You Face as a Student and How to Overcome Them

by Max Basaraba
When entering college, the average student expects to graduate in 4 years. You probably think the same thing. The goal seems to be doable. However, let's look at the numbers: 1/5 of students graduate in a best case scenario 5-6 years, or drop out.
This leads to excessive student debt, which is a direct result of the prolonged education period. According to Forbes, student loan debt in the United States has been growing rapidly since 2006, rising to nearly $1.56 trillion by 2019. Student loans play a much more significant role in the higher education in the US than in Europe. Student loans are less common in Europe, as the european government fund higher education. In the US, the majority of colleges are funded by students. That's why 1/5 of them are simply not capable of paying it out to the moment of graduation.
The understanding of the inability to graduate on time, the less the motivation to graduate altogether. Let's take a closer look at the reasons for the low graduation rates in the United States. If you’re looking to graduate on time, you'd better be prepared for what awaits you.
So you have to create a map, which leads to your degree. Choosing courses is the hardest task in this situation. You'll have to look through the catalogue. It's really not nearly as simple as it may sound. Remember the stairways in Hogwarts, moving all around, making you feel totally disoriented? Well, college catalogues are analogous to that.
You may find the course, understand what it’s about, but you need a much deeper understanding. What you need is knowing the pre-requisites and the stages of the course. Imagine you decided to bake a cake. With the recipes you've found out how to put the ingredients together. However, you still have no clue on how to actually get it done
All of these challenges directly depend on proper academic advising. However, reality has proven over and over again that timely academic counselling is a complete and total myth. Students don't get the proper support they need, which leads to additional years at college, useless courses taken; meaning time and money wasted.
There’s another challenge that can come up: the required courses are not available. That's not something you can change or influence, however, but it still affects you as a student.
Besides during the course of the education you'll change. You may change your interests and your vision of your future. Before going to the university, you may have an idealistic image of your major, but when you're getting a better understanding from the inside, you might just realize it's not your cup of tea. And that’s totally normal. Several psychologists advise taking a gap year to volunteer or and discover other cultures. This may help you to understand yourself better, so your future choice of major will be more fitting.
Also, it's pretty hard to predict whether you'll change your mind about your major in 2-3 years, so there’s no other way than to see really. However new technologies can help you in dealing with the aforementioned challenges.
Let's look at what you need to organize your studying in such a way that makes it timely and efficient. You'll have to analyze all the subjects needed for your major in all the universities you'd like to apply for. You should take into account the number of credits for them as well as their availability. You'll also have to understand the sequence of courses. Even understanding how much data you'll have to analyze is pretty quite stressful
Would it just be be better to entrust these calculations to artificial intelligence?
Prepler is academic counseling powered by AI. Let's look at how it can help you.
  • Find the right college - in the large database of colleges, you may find the one which really suits you. Just filter your search with all the different criteria, such as desired major/degree, your admission chance, tuition/overall price you will pay, preferred geographical location, employment rate, salary earned post graduation, and more.
  • Create an effective study plan - the program knows the order of the courses needed, and alternatives which may be easier to pass. It makes your study plan more effective, saving you time and money.
  • Check the existing study plan. If you feel that your existing plan may not work on time, and right now see the possibility of graduating in 4 years is fading, you can check the feasibility of your existing study plan with Prepler.
    The college years are some of the most memorable times of our lives. Entrust Prepler to relieve the stress from it, so you can focus on being the best you, you can be.

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