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A Quicker Path to Graduation With New Technologies

by Max Basaraba
You might have already heard, on average, it takes 4 years to graduate. But hold on, do you have a perfect roadmap, which leads you to acquiring your degree within this timeframe? Did you imagine yourself having a life like in the movies: preparing for exams with Community, playing hookie with Easy A, or getting a successful and astonishing carrier all randomly like Legally Blonde? Well, the reality is that you will have to study hard and plan your student life efficiently to succeed. Let's lay out your roadmap together!
So what does it take to graduate from college? We have laid out 6 steps. First of all, you're choosing the college and the major you'd like to apply to, then you’re actually applying, preparing all the necessary documents and passing all the required interviews. Of course painting the town red after you get that all important acceptance letter. When you became a student, before partying hard, you'll have to create a study plan, get an academic advisor to ensure you'll graduate on time. Start enjoying your student life and don't forget to study during the breaks. Sooner or later the time to pass the exams comes and here’s your big chance to pass or fail. Hope you'll get the first one!
Still sound easy? Then we'll show you some of the pitfalls.

Step 1: Choosing the college

Which colleges have the major you're interested in?
Which of them are affordable for you?

Step 2: Applying

What are the requirements for your major for each college that you have chosen?
What are your chances to enter successfully?
If you have a few options, which one to go with?

Step 3: Creating the study plan

How many credits do you need to pass?
Do you know the sequence of the courses you need to take?
Do you know the prerequisites for taking the courses?
Are the courses available in the way you planned to take them?

Step 4: Study hard

Are there alternatives for the courses you'll have to complete?
Are these alternatives easier or more difficult than the one you have to pass?

Step 5: Pass exams

What exams do you have to pass to get the grades you need?

Step 6: Put on your mortarboard

Too many things to keep in mind from the very start when you decide to go to the college. Just a few years ago you would have to make all these decisions on your own. However, thanks to new technology, all the calculations can be performed by the program nowadays.
For example, say you want to find a college. You'll start looking through the colleges you're interested in, requesting information from them. This would take weeks! When you're using Prepler, all you need to do is to filter the large range of colleges, by the conditions important to you: where would you like to study, which degree would you like to get, which school type are you looking for, what is your budget. Altogether these conditions form the optimal list of colleges.
Or you’ll want to create a study plan. All you need to do with Prepler, is to select your college, choose your major and degree and then get the optimal class completion plan. It’s that simple!
You can pass your own, spending an enormous amount of time on each step. Or you can let the technologies do the routine calculations for you and kick back and enjoy your student life.

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