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Grand Rapids, Michigan


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BIOL 336

General Microbiology

Ever wonder if microbes are important for the well-being of human beings? Do they only infect us and cause disease, spoil food, or promote decay? Why might we have ten times more probiotic bacteria in our digestive tracts than all of our bodily cells combined? In this course students study the immense diversity of microbial life and their creative environmental adaptations. They explore bacteria to remove oil spills, generate electricity, produce biofuels, and manufacture antibiotics. They discuss diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, and study mechanisms by which the immune system defends against such infections. Laboratory sessions focus on common microbiology techniques and include an independent project. Three hours of lecture and two two-hour laboratory sessions per week

Units: 4.0

BIOL 161 - Cellular and Genetic Systems