Morthland College Admission

West Frankfort, Illinois


Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is calculated by the ratio of the number of accepted students to the number of total applicants. Morthland College has a 35% acceptance rate. Morthland College is a institution with an enrollment of 29 undergraduate students.






Admission Chance

Find out your chances of getting into Morthland College and compare your SAT/ACT scores with thousands of applicants. Students who were admitted and enrolled typically had standardized test scores in these ranges:

Average Accepted SAT: 1440 - 1540

Average Accepted ACT: 30 - 34

Application Requirements

What are the requirements for students to be admitted to Morthland College? The university typically requires a high school diploma, taking SAT/ACT and passing TOEFL for international applicants. Based on your applicant type, you may also have to meet additional requirements. Please review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission.