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How Students Can Achieve Their Academic and Career Goals During COVID-19

by Roman Mashchak
Is it your sophomore year, and you are afraid of how you will select your majors? You are not alone suffering this condition. There are hundreds of other students as well. Due to COVID-19 and constant lockdown throughout the session, many students have not gotten proper guidance. It was their first year in university or college, and now they have no clue how to decide majors for the sophomore year. No matter how much you try and pay attention, you cannot get the same experience through online courses as you would via regular face-to-face classes. But you don't have to worry anymore. Many online tools help you in selecting your majors or through other college tasks. Prepler is one such tool.

What is Prepler?

Prepler is a degree planner for students. It helps you choose which subjects or career option is better for you based on your interests and academic record. It not only helps students but also helps the colleges in navigating their academic courses. It is of great value, especially in COVID. These days when everyone is at home, and they do not get much exposure to discover their options, they can certainly take help from Prepler, and this tool will help them select a college degree program or through their academic courses.

Benefits of Prepler

Clarify your path towards the goal

When you are about to select your majors or a professional degree, it is tough to decide. You have many options in front of you, and all of them seem equally engaging to you. Prepler helps you sort out the best ones out of these opportunities, and then you have one guided pathway. It makes you focus more on that option as your path towards your goal is clearer. You can see your guided pathway straight in front of you without any distractions.

Choosing a pathway

The most challenging part of getting into a university is choosing a career path. Prepler helps you select one for you. It is done by a complete analysis of your interests and goals, and then according to them, a career path is chosen for you. You get to consult a variety of counsellors who help you decide which career will be right for you in terms of your interest and ensure a good livelihood. You can also select the university that best caters to the degree you chose.

Staying on track

Students tend to get into extra-curricular and other distractions once they get into college and universities. Due to COVID-19, it is an online education system, and you cannot physically attend classes in classrooms, so it ultimately increases your chances of flunking classes. You might think that failing once or twice might not be a big deal, but it will affect your interest in your pathway or career in the long run. There is a high chance that you can lose track, and then nobody is there to get you back on it. Here is where Prepler helps. The team here makes sure that you are on track and into that career throughout the session.

How it works

Prepler is mainly for students, but colleges and university faculty can also get help from it. There is essential information about each college and the fee structure of each one. What you have to do is select your college and create your guided pathway. Your faculty can help you choose one using Prepler.
As for the college help, this tool helps you understand concepts and different major subjects or degrees. The faculty members of a college or university can also benefit from this and become better at mentoring and academic advising.


COVID-19 has become a halt in the path of education and proper academic advising. It is comparatively easier for those students who are already familiar with the teaching and environment of a place. However, for the students who are getting admission this year, selecting a major, or are in their sophomore year, things have become dismal.
In such a situation, Prepler can help them a lot in choosing their guided pathway and degree planning. You can get proper guidance and academic advising from there. After that, you can weigh your options and select which one best suits your interest and feasibility. If you have any related problems in choosing a degree or further learning, you can always get help from the faculty members.
Do not delay! Get your hands on it as soon as possible, and you will not find any difficulty in planning your degree or choosing a career pathway.

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