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5 Ways Students Can Save Money That Actually Works

by Roman Mashchak
You ever bought that pink piggy bank at the dollar store with the intentions to save? Or stashed money somewhere in the house or a card you promised you won’t touch? What are the ways you can save and how? Have you ever heard of a tool called Prepler that incorporates a degree planner while helping you to save money? Let’s look at the AI-driven tool that helps Americans to strategically organize and plan their degrees on time for graduation.
What is Prepler?
Prepler aids college students in completing their degrees on time. This reduces the accumulation of student debt and time spent on unnecessary courses. Our mission is to help students better understand the requirements of their degree to ensure they take the right courses. Furthermore, they help the students by equipping them with personalized degree plans that speeds up graduation time.
Prepler not only does degree planning that leads to a student’s success, but it offers other services as well. They offer college match, college GPA calculator, and student loan calculator. The student loan calculator is a way in which students can save money. The calculator helps students to save time and money spent on their college degree. The calculator breaks down the information inputted in a simplified and efficient way, giving students the best, clear-cut results within seconds.
What are some other ways you can save money? Save The Student has a list of ways in which you can use to reduce your spending dramatically. Here are some ways:
  1. Shopping in the evenings at certain supermarkets to make use of heavily reduced prices.
  2. When purchasing a ticket home, look for cheap flights twice. Use Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ tool to find excellent deals on flights to anywhere!
  3. Make use of cashback websites such as Topcashback, Swagbucks, and Quidco to get money back when you shop.
  4. Apply for a bus pass to eliminate the amount of money spent for bus rides.
  5. Make use of the 2-for-1 cinema special on selective days to save money.
Are you looking for more ways you can save? Here are some more ways:
  1. Creating a budget list for the month to keep a track of expenditure. This allows you to curb your spending on bills such as utilities and groceries. Mint can help you to accomplish this.
  2. Invest in a savings account and start saving. If you earn $1,000 a month, save 10% of that $1,000 earned.
  3. Prepare your meals beforehand to reduce spending money on lunch daily.
In the end, if you are saving to buy your first car or something special for yourself, you must be willing to do whatever it takes. Right? Make use of Prepler that saves money for college students by planning your degree. Get cashback while shopping, create a budget list to curb your monthly spending, and apply for a bus pass. I promise you; you will not regret implementing these ways into your schedule.

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